Asian Transsexual/Transgender Women

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Ha Ri Su

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Ha Ri Su


Born in Songnam, Korea as Lee Kyoung num in 1975, Harisu (Which means "Hot Issue" underwent sex re-assignment surgery in 1998 at the age of 23.
She began modelling in Japan while studying hair design,and after her first major commercial shoot for the make up company DODO, Harisu became an overnight star and the most recognizable model in China.
Recorded,her first album called Temptation which was released in 2001 and has been called the Kylie Minogue of the East.
Ha Ri Su has become so mainstream,that,she was the first Transexual to ever be featured in a Menstrual Pad Ad,and has also been in several movies.
She was asked the question "When u decided to be a woman,what was you're families reaction?
Ha Ri Su answered "There wasn't any reaction at all when I was young,I was already "HiRaSu".They treated me as their son.I am still mw.Its just that I have changed my sex."
When asked the question "What advice would you give to those who want to follow in you're footsteps?" She answered "For,those who feel trapped in their bodies,destiny is in their own hands.Its like an ambition is to be a teacher,you attend a teachers training course.If,you want to have a sex change,Its you're choice".
Ha Ri Su speaks four languages.Her Native Korean,Japanese,English,and Mandarin. In,December 2002 Ha Ri Su has officially changed her gender after Incheon District Court accepted her appeal to change her entry in the family registry,according to the Chosun News Website.
The Court decision read that except for sex-determining chromosomes he is physically a female,has lived as a woman and would therefore be cruel if the law didnt recognise that.
The,Court also said ,that,she could fulfill the social role of a Female,and Transexual pursuit of Happiness should be protected.
Ha Ri Su's name change was also approved on the day.Her new ID(Identification)Card will bear her new gender as well as her name,Lee Kyoung-num,a Female form similar to be Kyung-up which is her birth name.
TTM Entertainment, said that the 23 year old who underwent a sex-change operation Four years ago hopes to get married and have adopted children when the time is right.
She will be given a new resident registration  number and will be allowed to marry a man.Ha Ri Su is the second Korean to change sex on a family registry as a Transexual after a precedent made in July.

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